Меню кафе



Marinated olives by Cèst La Vie 3.00

Vegetable spring rolls with spicy sauce 4.00

Spicy cheese balls 4.00

Steakhouse potatoes with dip coating 4.00

Tempura king prawns with garlic aioli 7.00



Clear seafood soup 6.00

Creamy mushroom soup 7.00



Classic Caesar salad:

With chicken large 7.50/small 6.00

With prawns large 8.50/small 7.00


Main courses 

Pasta vegan/chicken/salmon/beef 7.00/8.00

Blue mussels with white wine sauce 8.00

Beef burger with steakhouse potatoes 8.00

Pan fried salmon with grilled vegetables 12.00

Glazed beef tenderloin with red wine sauce 21.00



Baileys creme brulee 5.00

Hot chocolate lava cake 5.00

Selection of ice cream 5.00


For children

Pasta with extras 4.50

Chicken ribbons with extras 4.50

Salmon served with various extras 6.00