Cafe menu

Marinated olives by Cèst La Vie 3.00
Roasted and salted nuts or almonds 3.00
Bruschettas with bacon and goat cheese 3.60
Vegetable spring rolls with spicy sauce 4.00
Squid tempura with garlic aioli 6.00
Tempura king prawn with garlic aioli and chives oil 6.00
A selection of cheese with sun-dried tomatoes and grissini 6.00
Creamy mushroom soup under puff pastry 6.00
Fish Consommé  with salmon and clams 6.00
Classic Caesar salad with prawns big 8.00/small 6.00
Classic Caesar salad with chicken big 7.00/small 5.00
Seasonal fresh salad grilled chicken breast with herbs, lemon vinaigrette and aioli 6.00
Main courses
Beetroot and goat’s cheese tartlets with saffron-apple compote and pesto 7.00
Blue mussels with white wine sauce 7.00
Beef / chicken ravioli with sage sauce 7.00
Beef pasta with red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, and spinach 8.00
Chicken fillet with pesto, chorizo risotto, and rocket salad/hot vegetables 10.00
Pan fried salmon with grilled vegetables, mushrooms and anchovy butter 11.00
Beef pepper steak, steakhouse potatoes, broccoli, and herb crème 13.00
Bailey’s crème brulee 4.00
Iced yogurt with fresh berries and balsamico dressing 4.00
Selection of sorbeè 5.00
For children
Pasta with additives 4.00
Chicken sections with additives 4.00